The Most Popular Roofing Styles

Not every roof is created alike. The type of roof you decide on depends both on the type of structure you have as well as the sense of design and style you wish to convey. You want your roof to keep the house dry, but you also want a surface that is in keeping with your home's architecture and your interior design.

Types of Roofing Styles

When deciding on which type of roof to install, you'll want to consider the many different options. Popular roofing styles include:

Shingle Roofs

  • These can be made of wood, composite material or asphalt. This is the most common style of roof.

Metal Roofs

  • Made from steel, these roofs are initially more expensive than shingle roofs, but are very durable and very energy efficient.

Slate Roofs

  • Slate roofs give a traditional elegance to a home and, although much more expensive, can last up to 200 years.

Green Roofs

  • Ecologically-sound roofing materials abound today. Among these are shingles made from recycled plastic and composite tiles made from post-industrial content.

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Choosing Roofing Styles with Berkeley Exteriors

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