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Susan Carroll Dwyer1 min read

Solid as a Rock

Thinking of updating the look of your home? Love stone but don’t love the price? Your ship has come in! Certainteed = The gold standard of vinyl siding has created STONEfacade. With a great look, STONEfacade has the look you want, at a better price point than real stone. The material is not only a significant savings over natural stone, but the reduction in labor to install it makes doable.


Traditional stone products can be a nightmare – if they aren’t installed with proper drainage it can cause rot on your home. STONEfacade has an integrated rain screen which whisks water away from your home as well as reinforcing the materials.

The look is great – molded from hand-picked natural stone, the texture is remarkable. Aside from the exceptional realistic depth, the colors are true to the real stone the product is cast from. Hand-applied brushstroke gives STONEfaçade variations that mimic natural stone. The panels are made in 10 inch, 14 inch and 24 inch widths. The variation in the panel size assures the siding will not look like a repeating pattern.

The eye-catching curb appeal of STONEfacade offers old world charm without the old-world problems. Casting from actual stone makes all the difference. A variety of stone styles and colors can match and style of home from traditional to ultra-modern.

Whether you are looking to make your house look like it’s built of stone or if you’re looking for a stone accent to create a special look Certainteed has you covered. This remarkable product looks great, is low maintenance, giving you time to enjoy your home rather than spending your weekend warrior time scraping and painting.