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Susan Carroll Dwyer1 min read

Leaf Relief for your Gutters

Now that the leaves are making their way to the ground for the season, they are making a stop along the way – into your gutters; sitting in there just rotting away, holding twigs, acorns and whatever else has blown in there over the season.


Gutters are often a forgotten system in your home. Gutters serve a vital service in keeping water that rains…or snows onto your home and diverts it away. When gutters clog – the trouble starts, water spills over the clogged spots and onto your siding, damages landscaping, erodes soil around your foundation causing pooled water and seeping into your foundation.

Water damage is nothing to sneeze at. Water seeping behind siding, work its way into your fascia, soffits, and working its way into your foundation can cause catastrophic damage. Making your gutter system as efficient as possible is paramount.

No need to have new gutters - the best way to avoid issues is to have a gutter system that works. Leaf Relief gutter covers by Mastic Corp. can make all the difference. The patented design drains debris unlike any other system on the market. Even if you may have a screen over your gutter, debris can still make its way into the system. Held in place with screws the covers cannot blow away or become dislodged.

Clogs can also attract pests, acorn hungry squirrels, insects that feed on rotting leaves, as well as mold and bacteria are drawn to the standing water and debris.

Leaf Relief is the gold standard of gutter protection. It is warrantied not to clog for 25 years. Having a Leaf Relief Gutter System is also an asset should you decide to sell your home.