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Insulated Glass

Laminated glass is a typical around this neck of the woods. A type of safety glass it may shatter but will hold together similar to car windows. Vinyl layers and polyester film are sandwiched between two panes of glass. Ensuring your safety should a tree branch hits your window. Aside from offering protection during storms it also helps reduce UV light and reduces the transfer of sound through the glass.


Not all laminated glass is the same. Insulated vs. non-insulated is pretty much a no brainer in New England. Insulated glass can dramatically reduce heat loss through the window during window and will deflect the heat of the blazing summer sun. This insulation helps regulate the temperature in your home, whether it is keeping the summer heat outside or keeping your precious in in your home during the winter months.

During the winter months, insulated glass prevents warm air from escaping your home. Why pay to heat your home if it ends up outside. The energy efficiency of the glass can have a positive impact on your heating bill.

During the summer months, insulated glass prevents the hot, outside air from entering your home. Again the energy efficiency will help keep your cool AC indoors and make help reduce your summer energy usage...helping you stay cool.

Major window manufacturers such as Simonton, Anderson, and Harvey offer laminated/insulated glass. As hurricane season winds down, Nor’easters are just around the corner. Keeping the elements and a downed branch out of your home, replacement windows are a sound investment. Replacement windows will add value to your home and keep your utility bills in check!