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Blog Tipster Sat, Sep 17, 2016 @ 12:23 PM 1 min read

In the Gutter

The long metal things edging your roof line aren’t purely decorative. These essential components of your home go pretty much unnoticed until there’s a problem. Why wait until there’s water making its way into your home? Time to access this critical system to keep your home high and dry.

A typical rainstorm can generate 1,000 pounds of pressure on your roof – half a ton! Your gutters are essential in displacing this force – reducing more than half of the pressure. Ensuring the weight of all the water find its way to the ground makes your gutters very important.


Autumn is the perfect time to keep the water flowing. Over the summer months leaves, twigs and dirt can build up in your gutters. Clogs can create spots of stagnant water – attracting mosquitoes and mold growth.

Gutters that remain clogged will cause corrosion and create breaks in the system. A water management system, not working properly will cause water to work its way into your home causing thousands of dollars of damage.


Installing a Leaf Guard gutter system will save more than your semi-annual hike up a ladder, risking life & limb to clear the clogs. Leaf Guard Gutters are true to their name – keeping the system free from clogs. Keeping the onslaught of water from saturating your home will save you from dealing with the countless problems. A Leaf Guard system will not only save your structure…it will keep you out of the emergency room!