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Susan Carroll Dwyer1 min read

Heavy Metal

With the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicting a “well above normal” snowfall this winter – it’s time to take stock of your roof. A long-standing staple in northern New England, the metal roof is slowly, but surely making its way into Connecticut. Its incredible ability to shed the heaviest of snowfall makes it a perfect material for our snowy winters.

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The traditional vertical seam metal roofs have evolved as manufacturing has advanced, offering more choices. Metal roofs can now resemble wood shake, slate, shingles or clay tiles. Just as durable as the original seamed metal roofs of the great white north – they offer homeowners the option to have their metal roof compliment their homes style & character.

Metal roofing is designed to handle decades of all that New England’s varying climate can dish out. High winds, rain, hail and of course heavy snow pack is no match for its strength. Long term warranties are now available, giving homeowners piece of mind with their investment.

Reflective coatings on modern metal roofs offer year-round energy savings. Reflecting the blazing summer sun and keeping the heat in over the cold winter months.

You would think – what about the noise? Will my home sound like a Balinese rain drum? Nope. New metal roofs, properly installed have the same sound insulation as a shingle roof.

Considering the durability and the efficient qualities of modern metal roofing it is certainly something to consider when having a new roof installed on your home.