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Mike Lofaro1 min read

Energy Efficient Windows: Not Just a Phrase

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As our world shifts to energy savings and energy efficiency, it can be a bit baffling to most folks. Especially in regard to windows because they look the same so many wonder, how are they any different from other types of window and what advantage is there in replacing windows? Well aside from lowered heating and cooling bills, there is technology that plays a big role in how energy efficient windows work. Some efficiency features help to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Glass Coating -Low-emissivity glass also referred to as Low-E glass used to help block the rays of the sun (90% in fact) and keep the heat inside when it’s cold and outside when it’s hot. Glazing options, include tints, gas fills, and reflective coatings. These are all used to help save you on your heating and cooling costs.

Window technology - The latest technologies to windows are multiple panes of glass and the use of gas. Double paned and triple paned glass increase the blocking of UV rays. A triple paned glass window, up to 97% of the UV rays will be blocked. It also helps keep you more comfortable year round and also prevent fading of fabrics, flooring and household treasures.

Estimates say that one third of the money spent on heating and air conditioning literally go right out the window. But with the many new technologies to energy efficient windows, all you have to do is worry about getting the old windows replaced and you will start saving money and have a more energy efficient home as a whole.