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Susan Carroll Dwyer1 min read

Windows for the Storm

Only two months from now hurricane season officially begins here in New England. If you’re considering replacing your windows you may want to keep our unpredictable weather in mind. Windows can be aesthetically pleasing as well as provide safety and security

Injuries incurred during hurricanes are often caused by debris penetrating windows. Even if you are far from the window, you may be safe, but your home is still in jeopardy. Wind driven rain can cause untold damage as water seeps into walls, floors and furniture.

pvb sgp glass.jpg

Impact resistant windows are built to take it. Tough glass and heavy duty frames keep decries from hurricane force winds from breaching your homes exterior.

There are two kinds of impact resistant glass.

Laminated Glass – Polyvinyl Butyral. PVB is has two panes of glass with a shatterproof membrane sandwiched in the middle. When that toy truck you forgot to put in the garage flies into your window, the outside pane may shatter but the membrane keeps the pieces together and cannot be penetrated.

Laminated Glass – Sentry Glass Plus. SGP is like PVB as the membrane is between the panes of glass, but the SGP has interlayers that are 5 times stronger than the PVB. A stiffer material which also protects more from strong winds and impacts from debris. The material is also clearer. Although more of an investment it is recommended for larger windows and is often used for commercial applications.

Not only will these windows offer impact resistance but the inner membranes offer energy efficiency, reducing your energy consumption. It also filters UV (ultra violet) rays reducing sun damage to your furniture and flooring.

Leading manufacturers such as WinCore, Harvey, Simonton and Anderson offer these options in their product line. Certainly, a sound investment in the unpredictable climate of New England. Give us a call and find out how your investment can save you dollars.