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Susan Carroll Dwyer Sun, Oct 16, 2016 @ 12:09 PM 1 min read

Dammit - Winter's on its Way!

The leaves look lovely this time of year, all the more brilliant against clear blue skies. A welcome relief after a long hot summer. Sadly it is only a respite until the next extreme season – winter.


Has your home been bedazzled in icicles? Not good. The National Organization of Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is forecasting a colder than average winter accompanied by well above average snow totals. Now is the time to take action to secure your home from the elements.

Ice dams are caused by roofs warm enough to melt snow, mostly caused by heavy snow accumulation. The snow becomes an insulated blanket-enough to melt snow and then it refreezes at night…most especially along roof overhangs where the roof temperature is colder. The continuing process of melting and freezing causes a dam of ice. Water from melting snow is trapped by the ice dam and pushes up under shingles – a leak ensues.


The water winds its way throughout your home. Ceilings, walls and even floors can be compromised. A small leak can reach far beyond its entry point on your roof.

The solution? Ice & snow membrane. Replacing your roof without this key component is essentially a waste of time. Ice and snow membrane is placed beneath roofing and extends at least 24 inches past the exterior wall of your home. The membrane is also placed in valleys of the roof where ice can form as well. State of the art roofing manufacturers such as Certainteed and GAF work in concert with the membrane to make your home impervious to the dreaded ice dam.

Don’t wait until the snow starts flying to address your roof. Call us today and enjoy a cold, snowy yet leak free winter season.