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Mike Lofaro1 min read

How Does your Garden Window Grow?

Winter is here…to say the least. Aside from shoveling and scraping your car windows every morning, the frigid winds encourage us to enjoy the great indoors. There is a way to enjoy flowers and foliage no matter the weather – a Garden Window.

Simonton offers a series of garden windows to suit your needs and tastes; Daylight Max, Prism, Impressions, and Reflections. All in their series are Energy Star rated – helping you to save on your utilities. ProSolar Low E glass with argon filled high performance glass and ProSolar Shade Low E glass both afford you with energy efficiency. Other glass options offer laminted glass to improve sound dampening from exterior noise and improve security as well.  Decorum colors and interior woodgrains, as well as hardware choices allow flexibility that accommodates any style that suits your home. In addition to their energy efficiency their vinyl construction offers a maintenance free window.

The classic designs all allow for numerous spaces for your favorite plants. Flowers for your bedroom, ferns for you bathroom or herbs in your kitchen. Snip some fresh basil for dinner!

Remarkable design also allows more light into the room than a classic double hung window of the same opening dimension; up to forty percent – that is a significantly brighter. Certainly appreciated when cabin fever sets in during the winter months.

 A garden window is a win-win. Efficiency coupled with a cheery crop of plants can make any space truly brighter.

Garden Window