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Mike Lofaro1 min read

Wood Door vs. Steel Door vs. Fiberglass Door

Your front door is the welcoming face of your home. While doors are generally picked by their looks, the material they are made of is certainly something to consider. They all have their charm but it is up to you which type of door will work best for your home.

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Wood. The wood door has been gracing dwellings for millennia. Though durable, and can last for decades they do have their shortcomings. Wood is porous. If not properly painted or sealed, it can absorb moisture, can bow warp or twist. The moisture can cause paint to peel and bubble. They do require consistent maintenance, and they are generally not energy efficient. They do offer the timeless beauty of wood grain. Offer a truly stylish appearance. Scratches can easily be repaired. Wood also offers a warm feel for the entryway of your home.

Steel. A steel door can give you great peace of mind. Far more durable than wood they last quite a bit longer. They do require some maintenance. Keeping up on the paint will make a great difference. Dents can occur when wrangling your stuff in and out of the house. If dented, rust tends to spread. While more energy efficient than wood – they stay colder, transferring the chill into your house. Lower maintenance is a plus. They do not crack or twist. They are the least expensive door, and they offer excellent security.

Fiberglass. The latest in fiberglass doors give homeowners a wide array of styles to choose from. With a looks that rival wood, the colors are limitless. The most energy efficient door available, they are also maintenance free. They last for years without showing wear. Offering the lowest maintenance. They resists denting and scratching. They also offer the look of wood but they will not warp. If you do tire of the color they can be painted, but they will not rust or deteriorate. The most enticing feature they offer homeowners is an insulation value five times that of wood.

If you are looking to upgrade your entryway, the choice is clear. Fiberglass offers the most energy efficiency, keeping your home free of the outdoor chill of winter. The lack of maintenance makes them the obvious choice. A new door can dramatically change the look of your home, complimenting any style, and welcome you home for decades to come.