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Mike Lofaro1 min read

Keep it Out of The Gutter


When is the last time you took a look at the gutters on your home? A couple of years ago? Maybe never? Leaf laden gutters can lead to serious problems with your home. Leaking gutters may lead to the same sticky end. Not a big deal? Think again…


Clogs can cause water to pool around your foundation. It can weaken seams which can lead to cracking. Clogs can also cause water to flow where it shouldn’t go. Consistent water shedding onto fascia boards can cause serious problems with rot. Once fascia boards are compromised water can channel into the walls.


During the winter your gutters are a critical way to combat the weather. Clogs don’t allow water to flow and gutters freeze up. This does not allow the water to shed properly off the roof – causing the dreaded ice dam. Ice and water weaken the shingles and the wood in your roof leading to leaks. Not only damaging your roof but your ceilings and walls as well.


Aside from the catastrophic damage inadequate gutters can cause to your home the can be a pain in the…well you know where. Water that overflows in hi traffic areas can make your steps, sidewalk and driveway into a sheet of ice. Welcome to slip and fall season.


One way to prevent these issues from arising is to update your gutters. LeafRelief by Alcoa offers the gold standard for gutters. They offer a 10 year “No Clog” warranty.  Not all gutters are created equal – performance is key. LeafRelief gutters by Alcoa are designed to keep leaves heading down to your lawn where they belong. Just imagine the joy of not dangling from a ladder each autumn to clear out rotting leaves and whatever else is dwelling there or paying someone else to do it. Averting the potential damage to your home that could run into the thousands – can give you peace of mind during our long New England winters.

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