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Mike Lofaro< 1 min read

Specialty Windows - The Eyebrow of the Beholder

A window by any other name??? Many top window manufacturers such as Anderson, Harvey, Pella and Simonton offer energy efficient, vinyl windows. Double hung styles remain the most utilized...but many of the best window companies offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Custom shapes and sizes are also available through most manufacturers. Creating your own character…could be fun.

Installing a decorative window these days doesn’t mean giving up functionality or energy efficiency. Some shapes may be fixed but many others open to let the fresh air in. Though they may look different, they are vinyl windows – energy efficient, and virtually maintenance free. Decorative windows are a great way to brighten up a once dim hallway or corner – making it into a special place.

windows tub

Adding just one specialty window in your home can make a dramatic change in its appearance. Though it may sound like your days in geometry class…octagon, circle, triangle, trapezoid, hexagon, and pentagon  - they are all shapes of windows. Or try the more esoteric eyebrow, palladium or cathedral windows. No matter the shape, these vinyl windows with insulated glass add character and genuine energy efficiency to your home.