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Mike Lofaro1 min read

Replacement Windows - Dodge the Draft

 Replacement windows have truly evolved over the decades. Improvements in design, materials and colors offer homeowners a certain improvement in energy efficiency and happily, a breath of fresh air as they are now virtually maintenance free. Gone are the days of rolling putty to thwart drafts – the latest vinyl replacement windows only require a bit of windex to clear remains of wind and weather on the glass. Taping off glass panes to touch up muntins with a fresh coat of paint? That annual chore of painting windows has gone the way of the dodo…

The improvement of energy efficiency with today’s replacement windows is palpable. The absence of drafts will make any room feel cozy. Energy Star windows make homeowners happiest when their fuel bills arrive – a distinct decrease in billing is truly welcome…month after month. Not only will your vinyl replacement windows keep you cozy this winter – they will keep you cool during the warmer months – reducing transference through the glass.

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Leading replacement window manufacturers Simonton, Harvey, Therma Tru, Anderson, Pella and others offer consumers a tremendous choice in style, color, and of course efficiency. Energy Star windows can not only save homeowners serious dollars on their energy bills – they often qualify for Federal Tax Credits.