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Mike Lofaro Sat, Oct 12, 2013 @ 09:47 AM 1 min read

Roofing - The Value of R Value

When considering a new roof most homeowners are thinking about what type of materials. Asphalt roofing offers two types: Laminated shingles, known as architectural or dimensional shingles, which are layered, with thickness and depth. What color will look best? But there is something else to consider…R Value.

The insulating properties a new roof offers can save a homeowner serious money over the life of a roof. Roof insulation is designed to keep heat or cold in or out you home.  Insulation is measured by R Value; simply stated it is a measurement of the resistance of a building material to heat flow. The more resistance to flow in the material, the higher the R Value will be.

Leading roof manufacturers such as Certainteed, GAF and others not only offer consumers a quality, warranted material but also can make a great difference in the R Value of your home. Heat rises…letting it escape through your roof can make your heating bills bulk up over winter’s frigid months. Making your home as energy efficient as possible starts at the top.

Even if your roof isn’t cracked, curled or missing shingles, it doesn’t mean your roof isn’t due for a redo. If the shingles are cracking or curled, leaks are on your horizon. Take advantage of the sunny autumn days to inspect your roof. Old man winter is just around the corner!

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