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Mike Lofaro Fri, Sep 06, 2013 @ 10:17 AM < 1 min read

Simonton Double Hung Replacement Windows

simonton double hung

With classic frame designs Simonton double hung replacement windows offer homeowners a sound decision when it comes to upgrades. There are popular trends in Simonton’s designs that offer updates on the classics.

High performance glass is a signature feature of Simonton’s wide array of vinyl replacement windows. ProSolar Low E glass has Argon gas to improve the energy efficiency. Another option, ProSolar Shade Low E glass offers triple pane insulated glass. Argon gas is a far better insulator than plain old air – lessening the transference from the cold outside.

Simonton’s Decorum exterior colors allow flexibility for homeowners looking to update the exterior of their home. Interior finishes such as woodgrains can update the inside of your home as well. Options also include a variety of metal hardware finishes to compliment any interior.

Simonton double hung replacement windows also offer laminated glass. The laminated glass improves sound dampening, keeping the noise of your neighbors lawnmower at bay. Homeowners can also rest assured as the laminated glass improves durability to thwart intruders with its improved impact resistance.