Fiber Cement Siding

Do you like the look of wood siding, but are leery about the cost and maintenance of painting it every five years?  Consider fiber cement siding products.  Connecticut home and business owners  can enjoy years of beautiful siding without the cost of frequent painting.  Fiber cement sidings look and feel like real wood…without the hassle.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is a composite of sand, cellulose fiber and cement, shaped to resemble wooden shingles. This product is available in a rainbow of colors, from tan to forest green to even red.

Advantages to Fiber Cement Siding

Connecticut home and business owners will find a number of advantages to fiber cement siding over traditional wooden shingles. Among these are:

  • Durability - Unlike traditional wooden shingles, fiber cement siding lasts for decades and will likely never need to be replaced
  • Fire-resistance - With fiber cement siding, Connecticut buildings have another defense against fire. This product is non-combustible and won't burn like wooden shingles
  • Low-maintenance - Fiber cement siding has a factory paint finish, doesn't rot, isn't susceptible to termites and generally needs very little maintenance
  • Attractiveness - When you use fiber cement siding, Connecticut homes and office buildings take on a sleek, uniform appearance
  • Flexibility - Unlike vinyl siding colors which are permanent, you can paint fiber cement sidings just like wood and change the color of your home anytime you like

House Siding with Berkeley Exteriors

If you'd like to explore adding fiber cement siding to your home or office building, let Berkeley Exteriors show you how affordable and how stress-free the entire process can be. We have more than 20 years experience working with siding and other exterior building products, and we're proud  that more than 75 percent of our new business comes via recommendations from satisfied past customers.

To set up a free consultation about adding siding, Connecticut residents need only call us at 203 877-4373. We look forward to working with you.